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What to expect

During a person's first Reiki session, a practitioner will request that you fill out paperwork. This paperwork will generally be informative about who you are:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Date of birth

  • Emergency contact information

Outside of these five aspects of basic information, the intake process, there may be questions that the Reiki practitioners may ask in order to help create and carry out your treatment plan:

  1. Why are you seeking Reiki?

  2. Do you live with any health conditions that would cause discomfort if you sit or lay in a particular position?

  3. Do you give me permission and consent to use touch during the Reiki session?

  4. Are there parts of your body that are sensitive to touch or areas where you would rather not be touched?

Reiki Practitioners Intention

During a Reiki session, a practitioner uses their hands with the intention of raising a person's Ki both around and in the body of the person they are treating. To what purpose? To move and reduce energy blockages or reduce the levels of negative energies.

7 Things a Reiki Practitioner Does

During a Session


Here is a list of eight things you can expect a practitioner to do or to happen during Reiki:

  1. Clothing: During a Reiki session, you will always be fully clothed.

  2. Hands: Practitioners will use their hands by either having them slightly above your body or on your body in different areas.

  3. Hand locations: There are 12-15 locations where a practitioner may put their hands. If you want to know which areas may be used during your session, ask. Also, communicate if you are not comfortable with a particular area.

  4. Hand positioning: For each location that a practitioner places their hands, their hands will most likely be palms down, and their thumbs and fingers will be extended.

  5. Length of time: The length of time for each hand location will most likely be 2-5 minutes. The timing of each hand location used is not precise. Each had a location used until the flow of energy is felt by the practitioner as either being slowed down or stopped entirely in an area on the body.

  6. Duration of entire session: The duration and length of a Reiki session can differ based on where a person is receiving it, who is giving the treatment, and also what you are comfortable with. A session could be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 90 minutes.

  7. The number of sessions: The number of sessions that you will need is not set in stone. It is often suggested that four weekly sessions but you could also choose to have your sessions closer together or further apart. You may also find that you need less or more than four sessions in order to achieve and experience progress.

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